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I am a Native New Mexican born to hardworking job-creating parents. From a young age, I learned my values of hard work, dedication, and the importance of family while watching my parents build their small business. I have also seen my family struggle with their business due to overreaching regulations and outdated tax codes in our state. As a State Representative, I will be a champion for small businesses which are the backbone of our economy.

Representative Joshua Hernandez

I attended a private religious elementary school through the second grade and then Albuquerque Public Schools through High School. After graduating from Cibola High School I went to CNM and ultimately dropped out. Now in my 30’s I have made the decision to finish my education initially at CNM and then move to UNM for a bachelor’s degree.

I have been fortunate to work in a few different industries before I found my passion which gives me a unique aspect. My first job, like many New Mexicans, was in retail and taught me a lot about customer service that has stuck with me all of these years. I worked as General Manager of a golf course and country club managing a staff of almost 200 people. This taught me first hand how small businesses work and the challenges they face. Currently, I am the digital marketing manager for an international public affairs, strategic communications, and advocacy firm based in Albuquerque.

I met my girlfriend, Jennifer, over 5 years ago. Her selflessness and dedication to serving her community are one of the things that originally drew me to her. She is a past president of the Junior League of Albuquerque and the Chairwoman of the Board of The Storehouse. We decided to share our life together in Rio Rancho, a community that is truly one of a kind.  She is my biggest fan and my rock and I am excited to spend our lives together.

When elected in 2020, I will be 35 years old, making me one of the youngest members of the State House of Representatives – giving a voice to the next generation of New Mexicans. I will bring my background, conservative values, and bold leadership to Santa Fe to produce real results for Rio Rancho.

I am not a politician, I am a voice for all the people of District 60 in the heart of Rio Rancho. I look forward to working with and advocating for all of the residents and businesses in Rio Rancho.


Support our Businesses

Small Business & The Economy

I am passionate about small businesses and diversifying our economy. For too long I have seen my friends leave New Mexico for greener pastures in the states around us. We need policies that make New Mexico easier for businesses to start, grow, and operate. We must work to reform our tax policy, remove bureaucratic red tape, and offer incentives to attract new businesses and create good-paying jobs in our state.

Support Police and Fire

Public Safety

I am a huge supporter of law enforcement and our first responders. We must make sure that our first responders have the tools and resources necessary to continue to keep our communities safe. We must also develop a comprehensive plan to battle the root causes of crime including mental health by ensuring the services are properly funded and run.

Support Education


New Mexicans are tired of our education system being ranked in the bottom compared to other states. As a product of Albuquerque Public Schools, I know the importance of supporting our teachers and schools. I will work to make sure that our classrooms are funded and not wasted on Bureaucracy.

Support our Businesses


The infrastructure in our state is in desperate need of help. While there have been drastic strides made to fix main roads and hundreds of water leaks in Rio Rancho, there are still hundreds of residential streets that need attention and many that are still dirt. But infrastructure is not just about roads and water, it also includes broadband, electricity, rail and so much more that are all in desperate need in our state. I will always support common-sense infrastructure funding for improvements or growth.

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