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Mar 16, 2023

St. Felix Pantry Continues To Help New Mexicans After 31 Years

“St. Felix Pantry holds a special place in my heart,” Hernandez said. “It reminds me of cherished childhood memories spent alongside my grammie, picking up her essential food supplies from


Mar 3, 2023

Bill could help New Mexico firefighters pay healthcare costs

Firefighters risk a wide range of injuries, like “strains and sprains, muscular pain . . . things that are also long-lasting or lifetime-lasting, like chemical burns, fire burns, frostbite, heat


Mar 1, 2023

Police Wage War on Catalytic Converter Thieves

Its sponsors come from both sides of the aisle and include Sen. Leo Jaramillo, (D-Española) and Joshua Hernandez, (R-Rio Rancho).


Feb 17, 2023

Lawmakers want to get rid of gross receipts tax on diapers

“For the families that we’re trying to target, the $5 actually would make a difference to buy other things. People living, you know, less than paycheck to paycheck, and that’s


Feb 16, 2023

New Mexico Legislature at the midpoint: Five key questions lawmakers will face in final 30 days

Rep. Joshua Hernandez, R-Rio Rancho, said the legislative pace has been good so far. “There’s a feeling of more bipartisanship and willingness to work across the aisle to really get


Feb 13, 2023

Committee kills one bill that would have raised state minimum wage

The pressures the coronavirus pandemic placed on businesses around the state means the push to raise the minimum wage now may be “too soon … while these businesses are hanging


Feb 12, 2023

Governor proposes tax cut

House Bill 367, sponsored by Reps. Jason Harper, R-Rio Rancho; Joshua Hernandez, R-Rio Rancho; and Sen. Benny Shendo, D-Jemez Pueblo, would also create a deduction for various services sold to


Jan 27, 2023

Roundhouse Roundup: Healthcare, Retail Crimes

The bill was introduced by Republican Representatives William “Bill” R. Rehm (Abq.), Joshua N. Hernandez (Rio Rancho), Randall T. Pettigrew (Lovington & Hobbs), Stefani Lord (Tijeras & Edgewood), and Andrea


Jan 12, 2023

Sandoval County legislative session wishlist

“We’re going up in a couple of days, and these are the people that I represent, and their priorities are my priorities,” Rep. Hernandez said. “My colleagues on both sides—a