Fighting to build our economy, grow small businesses, support our first responders, and build critical infrastructure.

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In 2020, when Joshua was first elected to represent New Mexico’s House District 60, he came in with a unique vision of how to represent his community in the heart of Rio Rancho. From day one he focused on working not only with the members of his Republican caucus but also with those across the aisle to get things done. In his first two years, he has co-sponsored & passed bills to reform the liquor license system leading to almost 100 new restaurants, giving charter schools a fighting chance to flourish, and addressing crime. He has also unsuccessfully sponsored bills to help provide restitution to business owners who are victims of shoplifting, waive the oil and gas ban on federal lands, and repeal income tax from social security and military retirement. He has also given millions of dollars of capital outlay towards roads, parks, water projects and given junior money directly to our first responders, the RRPS Career Technical Education department and to Sandoval County’s only food pantry.¬†

Joshua has focused heavily on voting to grow our economy, protecting the energy industry,  making running small businesses easier, supporting our first responders, improving education, and funding critical infrastructure. He will continue to put our New Mexico values first and not special interests or radical ideas.

Now, Joshua is running for re-election and needs your help to be able to reach Republican voters throughout District 60 and keep the district red. In a campaign, every dollar is valuable . Please consider donating below.

Joshua meeting with Teachers from across Rio Rancho Public Schools to talk about the state of education in New Mexico.

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Laurianne Hernandez, Treasurer