2022 Constituent Letter

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your State Representative in the New Mexico Legislature. As the 2022 legislature is wrapping up during this thirty-day session in Santa Fe, I would like to send you a quick update on what is happening.

The 2022 legislature has been focusing heavily on the crime problem facing all corners of our state, exempting social security income tax, the budget, and more.

In the interim, I worked with retail businesses in our community to draft House Bill 133, Municipal Court Restitution Orders. This bill would have allowed for municipalities to pass a resolution to allow their judges to be able to order restitution to shoplifters on a case-by-case basis. I also drafted House Bill 58, The Adult Online Learner Scholarship Act. This bill would have created an endowment fund to pay for workforce development education for NM’s most at-need industries. With the 30-day session focused on primarily budget-related bills, neither of these bills were heard in the house but I plan to bring them back for the 60-day session.

I also co-sponsored a few bills with bi-partisan support. The first is HB 43, to allow charter schools to be able to lease or purchase facilities intended for educational use that are not currently in use or not planned to be used. It will also create a revolving fund to provide loans to charter schools to fund building facilities and make modifications to the charter schools leasing program. This bill has passed the senate. HB69, which creates the crime of operating a chop shop, creates the crime of damage to property by theft or attempted them of a regulated material such as copper & prohibiting a secondhand metal dealer from purchasing stolen regulated materials. HB86 creates a Law Enforcement retention fund with the help of federal money for the purpose of retaining police officers in departments across the state. Both HB69 & HB86 were included in the crime package, HB68. I also co-sponsored HB48 & HB49 which exempted Social Security Income from Income Tax and while neither of these bills passed, Senate Bill 108 was part of the 2022 tax package and includes an Armed Forces Retirement Pay Exemption for the first $30,000 of income. All of these bills have passed both houses and are awaiting the Governor’s Signature.

With almost $1.9 million of capital outlay that I was allocated this year I helped fund several projects in our community. The Rio Rancho legislators focused heavily on funding projects for public safety including a new fire engine & police car, security & facility upgrades for Rio Rancho Public Schools, quality of life projects including phase 2 of campus park, and two infrastructure projects.

The projects I sponsored are…

  • Explora Campus Expansion
  • Rio Rancho Events Center Arena Improvements
  • Ask Academy Facility Improvements
  • Idalia Road / Loma Colorado Blvd Construction
  • Rio Rancho Fire & Rescue
    • Ambulance Purchase
    • Fire Engine Purchase
    • Fire Station #1 Improvements
  • Rio Rancho Police
    • Headquarters Improvements
    • Motorcycles Purchase
    • Vehicles Purchase
  • Rio Rancho Public Schools
    • High School Security Equipment
    • High School Security Installation
    • IT Upgrades
    • Cybersecurity Equipment
    • Elementary School Equipment Repairs
    • Secondary Schools Equipment Repairs
  • Rio Rancho Animal Resource Center Improvements
  • Broadmoor Senior Center Phase 2 Construction
  • Campus Park Phase 2 Construction
  • Rio Rancho Park Improvements
  • Sandoval County
    • Animal Shelter Construction
    • Public Safety Complex Construction
    • Public Safety Equipment Replacement
    • Public Safety Communications Improvements
    • Sheriff Body Cameras Purchase
  • SSCAFCA Black Arroyo Pedestrian Bridge Abutment
  • UNM Track Resurfacing

Each legislator also got $360,000 in junior money this session to give to state, county, or local agencies at our discretion. I gave $90,000 non-recurring funding each to the RR Police Department & RR Fire Department to purchase public safety vehicles and equipment, $80,000 recurring funding to RRPS for their Career Technical Education Program, and $100,000 recurring funding to the St. Felix Food Pantry to address food insecurities in our community.

If there is anything, I can do to assist you or answer any questions, please call, or text me at (505) 234-6337 or email me at [email protected]

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